About Us


     Our names our Sarah, James and our Rhodesian Ridgeback Xander. We met in Feb of 2012 at a dive bar in Vegas off of an internet dating website. We have been inseparable ever since. As time went on James started working harder and doing more and more hours at a very good job. Never having time to our self's to do things together. In June 2016 we talked about doing the tiny living thing and quitting everything and make time for our self's, just not sure how or what at that point.

     We decided in July that we were going to do it, that next week we had a van. We moved into it full time in September of 2017 and have been traveling ever since.

Update Sept 1 2017:

Our journey started in Arizona from there we toured Utah, Idaho, Oregon, BC Canada, and Alaska. It took us nearly a year to do but we accomplished it and are very happy for it. We have seen many pretty, interesting, strange and life changing things over that time and have not regretted the van life decision for a moment